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Wow, now that's one juicy burger! Homemade, Charbroiled, mmm. Delicious


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I really like eating burgers, but it's hard to find good quality burgers in the city made fresh & none of that frozen fast food stuff either. This was my first time at Busy Burger and I'm going to be coming back for sure because these burgers were so good. Especially the turkey burger. My only request or suggestion would be to make a stuffed burger without bacon for thsoe who don't eat pork or an option to not include the bacon. Besides that the fried were not too great; they tasted just ok with the cheese and meat on them but alone not too good. The dippimg rings were a hit. I had a double busy burger and it was supreme. My roommate had a double turkey burger and he usually has trouble with food due to a sensitive stomach, but he said the food didn't make him feel bad at all & that it was very delicious. Thank you for serving us & I look forward to stopping by again.


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My order was delivered earlier than the 60 minute timeframe given. My food was not piping hot, but was still hot. The onion rings and fries did get soggy, but they were still hot and tasty. Some sog is expected for that type of item. The stuffed turkey burger was HUGE, hot and very good. Two could share. If you love fresh onion, you'll be very happy because They give you practically a WHOLE dang onion for your burger. I should've said no onion; a little too strong. They packaged the toppings separately to keep the bun from becoming soggy. The busy sauce is delicious (i put that @%!&# on EVERYTHING, lol!) I ordered a pizza puff to try, it was just ok, a bit on the greasy side. The delivery person was nice, and even waited to let me check the bag and make sure all my order was in there. Overall, I enjoyed the food and delivery experience.


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I was extremely impressed with Busy Burgers service. It was my first time ordering from here and they got the order correct, which is more than I can say about many other restaurants on GrubHub. My boyfriend and I also ordered late at night, so it was very satisfying to know that theyd be open until midnight. The burgers were heavenly! Very fresh ingredients and large portioned. I will definitely be ordering from here again! Thanks for a great job done and keep it up, guys!


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I ordered a turkey burger with the works. I was pleasantly surprised with the size and flavor of the burger. It did not come with a side, but (1) the description did not say that it would come with a side and (2) the price did not appear to include a side--it really was my own fault. I guess I'm just used to getting something on the side with my burger. Nevertheless, I definitely was pleased with my food and would definitely order from Busy Burger again.


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So good I had to double back and order again the very next day! I got the same burger this time. A busy burger with the works and it was delish as always. I also got a order of glob fries with the Wisconsin cheddar cheese sauce and chili.OMG! Chili is perfectly seasoned, tasty fries, and great cheese sauce. Have become a fan overnight. Sending everyone I know your way for great burgers and great service. Keep it up!

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2 reviews
Seriously they have one of the closest burger in Chicago to my heart. Their double cheese is insane in way that I eat it every 3-2 days a week. Don't miss the spicy mayo if you love spicy food.


1 review
Busy Burger is a Taylor Street classic, always serving up fresh, cooked to order, burgers and hotdogs at a great price.


1 review
Excellent service. They contacted me to ensure my order was correct and delivered it way before the estimated time.


1 review
First try. Burger okay. Sauce much spicier than expected. Cheese fries so-so. Onion rings very good.


2 reviews
Great burgers, consistently on time delivery, and they always get the order right. Thanks guys!

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Busy Burger was established in 1991. Here at Busy Burger it's all about the burger, homemade and charbroiled to perfection, mmm. Delicious. All of our Busy Burgers are made by hand, fresh daily using 1% beef. Our turkey burgers are equally phenomenal, hand made using 1% ground turkey. All Busy Burgers are served on a butter toasted bun topped with our special Busy Burger sauce, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, sliced onions and hamburger dill pickles. Busy Burger also offers hand cut fries and hand cut onion rings, keeping with the Busy Burger tradition, that food made from scratch simply tastes better. So what are you waiting for? Stop In Today and experience our homemade fresh food. Busy Burger, wow now that's one juicy burger.